About Us- Why I’m Here

My son was ten months old when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Atypical meningioma, the pathologist said. Extremely rare in infants and wrapped around a major blood vessel, Cameron’s tumor was nearly impossible to control.

Cam and me two days after his second brain surgery.

I wasn’t ready to be the mother of a cancer patient. But there it was…my nightmare had become real. The months following his diagnosis were the most terrifying and lonely months of my life. Things started to look up when I took control of his diagnosis, learned to ask questions and be his advocate, focused on the good and most of all, found other parents who had similar experiences. Ours is a social species and together we are stronger.

All of us on a hike near our home in Colorado.

So…yes, my son’s cancer has changed things, but I do have a normal life outside of that. I’m a small animal general practice veterinarian and part time writer, happily married for sixteen years to a tall guy who makes up songs with his kids and tells fart jokes. We have a fourteen-year-old daughter with a black belt in taekwondo and a passion for the stage and a twelve-year-old son who rips it up on mine craft and the soccer field. And of course, there’s Cameron, who is three years old now…happy, hilarious and thriving, despite his diagnosis. We all live together in Parker, a suburb of Denver, with two dogs, a bird, a lizard, a guinea pig and a (part-time) hedgehog. It’s chaos, but in a good way!

Cam and I at the hospital for physical therapy, when I broke my foot and had to wheel us around.

I wouldn’t say that life was simple before Cam’s diagnosis, but it made me grow and change in ways I couldn’t have predicted. And that’s what my blog posts are about. Trying to find the balance and the purpose in my life, get my kids to adulthood and avoid losing my mind. Maybe I’ll save some dogs and cats and write some books along the way. I hope you find my articles and photos entertaining on some level and PLEASE send me comments. What you think matters. A LOT. To me, at least.

Every article I post, regardless of whether it is about special needs babies, my tendency to burn pizza or my favorite puppy diarrhea treatments, is dedicated to the hero moms and dads that fight pediatric cancer every day.  Also, because I’ll forget to say it later, thank you to everyone who has reached out to our family during our struggle. Cameron is still here because people cared and pitched in to help us, doctors reached out to other doctors for second opinions and billions of dollars were raised for cancer research before Cam was even born.

Okay, that’s enough sappy. Read some articles and let me know what you think!