This’ll have to do until I can get a good-quality professional head shot in here.

Although I’ve always been a big writer and a HUGE reader, it wasn’t until Cam’s diagnosis that the dam broke. I’ve got so many stories to tell — most of them completely made up and not one bit related to pediatric cancer, special needs kids or veterinary medicine — and I’m furiously working to get them down on paper and out to agents and publishers. I’ll keep you posted on my progress with my various projects on this page and also a little insight into my writer’s brain.

Because LIFE IS TOO SHORT to not do what you love!!!


Works in Progress:



What do you do when your baby has a brain tumor? You save him, of course! This is the true story of Cameron and his brain, edited from my journal to make some kind of sense, from the day he woke up acting like a one-handed zombie to the day we landed back home in Colorado after his life-saving radiation treatments. Browse through my blog posts and the About Us page and you’ll get the gist.

The manuscript is long, and it needs polishing, but it’s just sitting here, patiently waiting for an agent…

At least it has pictures!


All For You 

Seventeen year old Paige Vaughn is living a happy, quiet life in Denver, Colorado, when her single mother suddenly dies, leaving her orphaned weeks before she is to graduate from high school. Forced to move in with her controlling – and often violent – grandfather, Paige’s secure reality begins to collapse. Decades of family secrets and lies begin to resurface and Paige decides she can no longer afford to be ignorant. Confused, heartbroken and afraid, Paige turns to the homeless, alcoholic aunt she barely knows.

But Aunt Rhiannon is more than she seems. She’s sarcastic and vulgar – more of a maladjusted train wreck than Paige herself – but she’s keeping the secrets Paige is desperate to know. Who was Paige’s father and why did he disappear? Was the woman who raised her really her mother? And finally, who is this man from Rhiannon’s past, who refuses to let her go? Is he the caring ex-boyfriend returned to give Rhiannon a second chance at love ? Or is he a dangerous psychopath who will kill to get her back?



This story is rattling around in my head still, but I think it will be about a woman and her son, in the mountains, without proper footwear and maybe (probably) with a bad guy chasing them…