Cameron’s Story

 How it all began…

The morning before his first tumor resection, February 2016

Journal entry by Lauren Barrow

Cameron was a normal, happy, active ten month old until he stopped using his right arm nearly overnight. At first, we and his pediatrician thought he had injured his elbow but over the next few days, he became more sleepy and more cranky until he was obviously no longer himself. He literally did not smile or laugh for a week!

We took him to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital, where they did a CT scan and an MRI and found a very large mass in the left side of his brain. The mass had obstructed flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the ventricles, causing most of his abnormal behaviors. Today, on February 2nd, the best doctors in the world put Cam under general anesthesia and got a biopsy of his tumor, which was sent to pathology for diagnosis. They also placed a VP shunt (which drains the cerebrospinal fluid from his brain to his abdomen) where it will most likely remain for the rest of his life. Within a week or so, we should know what kind of tumor he has and therefore how to best treat it, but chemotherapy is likely.

So begins our journey…

So stupid how they always call cancer- or any major diagnosis- a journey. Like it’s some sort of amusing adventure.

It’s not.

Cancer, and all that happened to Cam afterwards, has been a craptastic voyage, if anything.

The people who are closest to Cam know his story, know why he charms everyone he meets and why I feel compelled to write about it. Since his diagnosis, and the first entry above, I have posted updates and photos for his “fan club”. I’ve also written a book, over 100,000 words about my baby boy with cancer, his mom (that’s me!) trying to get him through it, and the people who saved him. I plan on using a portion of the proceeds to fight cancer and epilepsy, and the rest goes to Cam’s college fund (yes, he’s freaking going to college! don’t roll your eyes at me). Since finishing that first manuscript, I’ve found I have quite a few stories inside me, most completely unrelated to Cam and his brain, so maybe the cancer mom veterinarian has yet one more calling…

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress of Cam’s book, my other novels and their publishing status, but in the meantime, please subscribe to this blog to hear more updates.

The morning of his last surgery for awhile…we hope!

Cam’s story is just one story. He’s just one sick kid out of millions. The hope and love we have for him, our wishes to see him grow up and be happy and live a normal life are universal to every parent.

Cam’s story isn’t over. It’s just beginning.